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True to its name, the Spalding® EXCEL TF-500 helps to raise your game to new heights. It is built for shootarounds at the gym or pick-up at the park and is designed for a maximum grip, with sponge backing for softness and easy handling. The durable all surface composite cover gives you control on the indoor or outdoor court and its tacky feel provides you with a good grip and got you doing things like behind-the-back passes and twisting layups. It ships inflated and game-ready out of the box, so you can start hooping in no time.

  • All Surface premium composite cover provides a game-ready grip and feel right out of the box
  • Spalding Shooter's Seam design for instant recognition along with a cushioned carcass for a true bounce
  • Rotationally balanced bladder for ultimate air retention and windings for excellent structural integrity
  • Shipped inflated and we recommend 8 PSI
  • Indoor/Outdoor Play